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Comparing Infection Islands-Wide

Lisaʻs Brown Bag Hawaii Invasive Species Council (HISC) Lunch RLW talk: Rat lungworm on Hawaiʻi and Kauai Infection levels, infection based on zip codes


Jarvi Lab, March 2019

Taking the Jarvi Lab into your classroom. This is a series of short videos showing the procedure at for detecting the rat lungworm in snails and slugs and diagnose for rat lungworm disease. Discussed are DNA extraction, polymerese chain reaction (PCR), real time (q)PCR, and how to test different anti-parasitic drugs using an assay.

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Hawaii Farm to School Hui-May 7, 2019

Webinar: Curricular Resources for Rat Lungworm Disease Education and Prevention. Presented by Kay Howe and Lydi Bernal.

Hawaii Environmental Education Alliance-July 2018

Kay Howe presents on the RLWD curriculum and education efforts. Collaboration of the Hawaiʻi Farm to School Hui, Iʻolani School, the Oahu School Garden Network, and the UHH Jarvi Lab.

Oahu Teacher RLWD Prevention Workshop-July 2018

Kay Howe presents the RLWD prevention curriculum developed at the Jarvi Lab to educators at a day-long workshop on O‘ahu. Organized and supported by UH Hilo Jarvi Lab, Hawai‘i Dept. of Health, ‘Iolani School, the O‘ahu Farm to School Network, and the Hawai‘i Farm to School Hui.

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RLW Disease and Animals-May 2018

Jarvi Lab-2012

The Myster of Rat Lungworm Disease activity book cover

“The Mystery of Rat Lungworm Disease. An activity book developed in collaboration with Grade 2 teachers from Hawaiʻi Island. Provides basic information on disease prevention in an engaging way. Download the activity book (PDF)

Jarvi Lab-2017

Lesson Plans for Teachers. These research-based lesson plans and Powerpoints were developed to engage teachers and students as citizen scientists and partners to reduce rat lungworm disease in Hawaiʻi. View lesson plans.

Jarvi Lab-2015

ArcGIS Story Map: Hawaiʻi Island School Garden Project Takes on Rat Lungworm Disease with Integrated Pest Management

Jarvi Lab-June 2017

Interview with Kay Howe of the Jarvi Lab at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy by Nā Leo TV host John Keoni Fujitani. Covers life cycle, prevention, and slug/snail control.

Rat Lungworm Disease, Survivors’ Stories

A 54-minute documentary video of RLWD victims, Mark Kimura videographer.

Three stories from those who have survived RLWD. This film was produced by a family member of one of the victims and was done as their thesis project.

Beyond the Fear: a Documentary about RLWD produced by Mariful Films:

KHON2 News-April 3, 2017

State investigates rat lungworm cases; Maui victim describes pain worse than childbirth

Maui Now-April 17, 2017

Maui Woman with Rat Lungworm Wants to Spread Awareness, Not Fear.


The Jarvi Lab presents RLWD Prevention, how to wash your veggies, Mark Kimura videographer.


Big Island Video News-April 2015

Journalist Sherry Braken interviews Dr. Jon Martel (Hilo Medical Center), Dr. Susan Jarvi (University of Hawaii, Hilo), and Marlena Dixon (Hawaii Dept. of Health).

Hawaii Public Radio-January 2016

HPR Wayne Yoshioka

PBS Insights-June 2017

Rat Lungworm: What You Need to Know. What You Need to Do. Interview with Dr. Virginia Pressler (Hawaii Dept. of Health), Dr. Jon Martel (Hilo Medical Center), Dr. Susan Jarvi (UHH, Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy), Laura Travis (RLWD survivor).

The Ruderman Roundtable-November 2, 2017

Senator Russell Ruderman discusses rat lungworm disease and its threat to Hawaiʻi and beyond with Dr. Susan Jarvi.

Hawaiʻi State Legislature Regarding RLWD

Big land Video News-February 22, 2017

Big Island Video News, March 2017

Dr. Susan Jarvi and Kay Howe talk on rat lungworm vigilance in school gardens.

Hawaiʻi Public Radio-December 26, 2017

State Taking Measures in Fight Against Rat Lungworm.

Hawaiʻi Public Radio-August 2, 2017

Big Island Lawmakers Upset Over State Rat Lungworm Prevention Plan.

Hawaiʻi State Capitol-February 5th, 2016

Kay Howe presenting testimony on Senate Bill 2516 Relating to Rat Lungworm Disease to the joint hearing of Senate Committees on Water, Land, and Agriculture and Consumer Protection and Health at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol.

Disease and Treatment

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