Rat Lungworm

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Description: These lesson plans were developed to involve students as citizen scientists and partners in education on the subject of rat lungworm disease in Hawaiʻi. The lessons cover the integrated pest management (IPM) plan for control of slugs and snails in school gardens and accompanying STEM curriculum. The lessons are aligned with Next Generation Science, Common Core Math, and Hawaiʻi DOE standards. The lessons are intended for use for grades 5-8 but can be adapted for grades 9-12. Each lesson will include an overview of the standards that can be addressed, learner outcomes, reading for understanding, and suggested learner activities. Teachers are encouraged to develop additional activities, worksheets, and assessments, which can be added to this table.

The lesson plans are numbered from 0-13. The first entry on the table (0) provides an overview of the project and each of the lessons. The IPM plan and STEM lessons follow (1-11). Additional resources are a master data sheet (12) and a photo file of invasive slugs, snails, and important flatworms (13). The identification file currently contains some of the most common slug and snail species found but is incomplete. We hope participating schools will add photos of more species they find and help us grow this file. The table will soon include Powerpoint and video files to accompany each lesson. This is intended to be a living curriculum, we encourage teachers to aid in its development and improvement. Besides addressing the important issue of rat lungworm disease in Hawaiʻi, a project goal is to support student academic achievement through place-based learning.

Lesson Plan PDF Lesson Plan PPT Lesson Plan Video
0. Overview (PDF) 0. Overview 0. Overview
1. Global Picture (PDF) 1. Global Picture (Powerpoint, 27Mb) 1. Global Picture
2. Slug/Snail IPM (PDF) 2. Slug/Snail IPM 2. Slug/Snail IPM
3. Lifecycle (PDF) 3 (and 7). Lifecycle (Powerpoint, 162Mb) 3. Lifecycle
4. Classification (PDF) 4. Classification 4. Classification
5. Slug/Snail Biology (PDF) 5. Slug/snail Biology (Powerpoint) 5. Slug/snail Biology
6. Data Collection (PDF) 6. Data Collection (Powerpoint, 27Mb) 6. Data Collection
7. Other Hosts (PDF) 7 (and 3). Other Hosts (Powerpoint, 162Mb) 7. Other Hosts
8. Native Snails (PDF) 8. Native Snails (Powerpoint, 7Mb) 8. Native Snails
9. ArcGIS Reporting (PDF) 9. ArcGIS Reporting (Powerpoint, 13Mb) 9. ArcGIS Reporting
10. Disease (PDF) 10. Disease (Powerpoint, 85Mb) 10. Disease
11. Prevention (PDF) 11. Prevention (Powerpoint, 16Mb) 11. Prevention
12. Data Sheet (PDF) 12. Data Sheet 12. Data Sheet
13. Slug/Snail ID (PDF) 13. Slug/Snail ID 13. Slug/Snail ID