Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy! You are now a member of our “pharmily” and will join together with our world-class faculty in a rigorous and innovative academic journey designed to provide you with the professional foundation to ensure a rewarding career as a dynamic and innovative pharmacist. You have entered a one-of-a kind pharmacy program with values and traditions grounded in our host indigenous culture. The next four years of your life will be spent with fellow students who will be your life long “ohana” (family) of colleagues and friends. Our goal is to help you become a highly focused and compassionate health care professional who is a culturally competent, intellectually adaptable, independent, open-minded, and a disciplined individual who will be highly valued by all members of the health care team and by your community.

The ‘College’ was founded in 2006 and we are known affectionately as the DKICP. Each and every of our student classes holds a special place in our hearts. We congratulate you on your decision to entrust us with your pharmacy education. You are embarking on a journey of discovery, learning, exploration, personal growth, and professional service…unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

The DKICP has established the University of Hawai'i at Hilo as a hub of academic excellence. Named after our most esteemed U.S. Senator, the late Daniel K. Inouye envisioned the DKICP in the idyllic enclave of Hilo, as a center to lead health care education, research and service for underserved and rural communities. Unique among all of UH’s health science professional programs, DKICP attends to the entire state with faculty and students who also practice, learn and serve on the other major Hawaiian Islands, the South Pacific and Asia.

You have chosen the profession of pharmacy, where pharmacists are consistently regarded as the most respected of health professionals. Our profession has been transforming our scope of practice to become primary care providers in a number of different settings including medical clinics, practitioners’ private practice, community retail pharmacies and other care settings. Legislative progress continues on both the state and national level to recognize our expertise for reimbursable provider services. Our faculty and staff dedicate themselves to provide you with the education, professional training, and inspiration necessary to foster a high level of competence and compassion necessary in a rapidly changing health care environment. We are especially excited about the launch of the College’s newly updated curriculum during the 2023-24 academic year. The contemporary curriculum has been designed to better equip our graduates to professionally thrive throughout their careers…regardless of their chosen paths in the future. Through our collaboration in the Hawai'i Interprofessional Program (HIPE) you will also partake in a growing body of both interprofessional didactic and experiential coursework. I guarantee that you will enjoy learning with other students from UH’s health professional programs of medicine, nursing, social work, public health and psychology.

We have enormous pride in our growing body of alumni who are worldwide practitioners, researchers and leaders. Many serve as experiential pharmacy preceptors throughout the state, continental U.S., Alaska and internationally in the South Pacific and Asia.

DKICP is committed to building a culture of quality and excellence in pharmacy practice and research. We expect you to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and respect at all times remembering that as you interact with your classmates, faculty and preceptors, you not only represent the DKICP but are developing your own global professional network.

I look forward to getting to know you as a class and as individuals. Please stop me if I am walking by while you are waiting for classes, or email me for an appointment to discuss your interests, whether virtual or in person! Best wishes for a successful and exciting academic year.

With highest professional regards,
Miriam A. Mobley Smith, PharmD, FASHP Interim Dean