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Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Education Programs

The University of Hawaii at Hilo, College of Pharmacy currently offers four programs leading to degrees. These four programs are:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Pharmacy Studies (BAPS):
    The Bachelor of Arts in Pharmacy Studies (BAPS) degree provides broad and thorough knowledge in the liberal arts and basic sciences, as well as specialized education in the field of pharmacy, both academic and experiential in nature. This degree is available only to students currently enrolled in the Pharm.D. program at UH Hilo - College of Pharmacy. For more information, please see the BAPS pages.
  2. Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology (MSCP):
    UH Hilo’s DKICP MSCP program prepares the student for professional advancement to become a clinical psychopharmacologist. During the two years (six semesters) at UH Hilo-DKICP, students will complete a total of 33 semester hours of credit (all required). For more information, please see the MSCP pages.
  3. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.):
    This is a four-year course of study leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. The curriculum, rooted in basic, biomedical, and pharmaceutical sciences, is designed for students to acquire knowledge of the scientific underpinnings of pharmacy practice. This degree is designed to lead to licensure as a professional pharmacist. For more information, please see the Pharm.D. pages.
  4. Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ph.D.):
    This program provides graduate training in the Pharmaceutical Sciences including; Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmacognosy. It is aimed at students with B.S., M.S., or Pharm.D. degrees, and those currently working in the field. Studies culminate with the award of a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, with an emphasis on natural products discovery and development and their importance in pharmacy and healthcare. For more information, please see the Ph.D. pages.

Continuing Education Programs

UH Hilo - College of Pharmacy is accredited to provide CME (Continuing Medication Education) and Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) credits from the Hawai`i Medical Association (HMA) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) to both pharmacists and physicians. CE programs sponsored by the College of Pharmacy cover a broad range of topics in medicine and patient care. For more information, look at the Continuing Education program website.

Pre-Pharmacy and Academic Advising for Undergraduate Students

The Pre-Pharmacy Program is a comprehensive preparatory program of study toward admittance into the College of Pharmacy at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Pre-Pharmacy advisors are available to answer questions and assist undergraduate students. Learn more about the Pre-Pharmacy Program or Email Pre-Pharmacy Advisors with your Questions.