Pacific Islander Mobile Screening Clinic

The Pacific Islander Mobile Screening Clinic (PIMSC) works to offer free wellness screenings, referrals to primary cares services through its clinical collaborative initiates, as well as assist in Medicaid enrollment to underserved populations in Hawaiʻi. Its goal is to reach out to populations that are not comfortable in readily seeking health care services through the use of interpreters, church leaders, and other prominent members of these communities.

In addition, the mobile clinic provides volunteer opportunities to local high school students to serve as interpreters. In so doing, it is the hope that one day, these students will not only be able to help their communities but may also become members of the field of medicine.

Many aspiring pharmacists have made the decision to pursue their pharmacy education in at the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy in hopes to have the opportunity to work with underserved populations in rural areas with limited access to healthcare; for these students, PIMSC is essentially where the rubber hits the ground.