Faculty and students help with COVID-19 vaccinations

January 25, 2021

Left: DKICP Assistant Professor Nicole Young, P4 student Sandy Li and Assistant Specialist Camlyn Masuda; Right: DKICP P4 Tiana L. Ramos and P1 Brennan Buccat

In the state’s efforts to vaccinate residents against the COVID-19 virus, DKICP faculty and students have been volunteering to help at various vaccination sites on Oahu and Hawaiʻi Island over the past 1½ months.

“Many of our students, from P1s to P4s, helped at Department of Health-coordinated vaccination sites over the winter break, and many P4s continue to volunteer during the spring rotation blocks this semester,” says DKICP Assistant Professor Nicole Young, who has helped to facilitate student involvement on Oʻahu.

On Hawaiʻi Island, DKICP student pharmacists are helping at vaccination sites in Hilo.

Students and faculty members are providing valuable services at these sites, preparing vaccine syringes by drawing doses from the multi-dose vials, performing vaccinations, helping with registration, helping to manage vaccine counts and thawing, and monitoring people post-vaccination, says Young. “It’s great real-world work experience for the students, and it helps to demonstrate the value our profession brings in serving our communities during these challenging times.”

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