Students and faculty participate in ASHP Midyear Meeting

December 22, 2023

Student pharmacists Chase Ibia and Leila Chee pose by the poster presenting their research at the national ASHP Midyear Meeting.

The college was well-represented at the 2023 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, CA, in early December. Six faculty and administrators accompanied 24 DKICP students, who participated in the annual four-day event that attracts pharmacy students, educators and professionals from around the country.

They presented the following posters:

Using Instagram as an Educational Platform to Provide FDA New Drug Approval Updates” by Dianqing Sun

Analyzing U.S. FDA-Approved Infectious Disease Drugs from 2015-2023” by Rizamari May Pascua, Tracy Pham and Dianqing Sun

Examining U.S. FDA-Approved Central Nervous System Drugs from 2015-2023” by Vincent Tran, Cierra Fujimoto and Dianqing Sun

Potential Drug-Drug Interactions of COVID-19 Antivirals Detected by Four Databases” by Cheyenne A. Garretson, Elyssa Ball, Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit and Leng Chee Chang

Assessing the Impact of Homework Quizzes on Student Preparation and Confidence for Top 300 Drug Exams” by Michelle Kim and Faith Hicks

Comparison of Weight-loss Diabetic Medication Prescribing and Self-reported Obesity Prevalence Rates in the United States in 2021” by Neilsen Gazo and Bryce Fukunaga

Improving Pharmacy Students’ Awareness and Empathy Through a Lifestyle Tracking Program” by Chase Ibia, Skye Pyo, Leila Chee and Bryce Fukunaga

Comparison of Fidaxomicin and Oral Vancomycin Prescribing and Cost with Rates of Hospital Acquired Clostridium Difficile Infections in the United States, 2021” by Taylor Eleola and Aryn Meguro

Synthetic Opioid Deaths in Hawaii Compared to the Nation, From 2016 to 2022” by Gladys Hope T. Lorenzo and Deborah Taira

Use of Beyond Max Dosing of Antiepileptic Drugs for Status Epilepticus” by Megan T. Woolsey, Leila Chee, Chase Ibia, Sheri Tokumaru and Nicole Young

Identifying Hepatitis C in Patients with Opioid-Associated Diagnoses for Enrollment into Pharmacist-Led Hepatitis C Management Program” by Skye Pyo, Melissa Bumgardner and Timothy Saxton

Optimizing Heart Failure Care: A Retrospective Analysis of GDMT Adherence at East Hawaii Health Clinic” by Meara Michi G. Abad and Jarred Prudencio

Severity of Veterans’ Disability Rating Associated with Sociodemographic Characteristics” by Chan Hong Min and Chad Kawakami

Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Need for Pharmacist Intervention of Direct Oral Anticoagulants” by PM Brennan, Palani C. Buccat, Laura Lum, Trisha Masuda and Dyani Chock

Comparison of Budesonide/Formoterol and Albuterol Prescribing Trends to Asthma-related Hospitalization and Mortality Rates from 2018-2020” by James C. Santoki, Logan Acebo and Aryn Meguro

Price Comparison of Popular Online Pharmacies to Walmart’s Generic Discount Prescription Program” by Erin Kim, Leila Chee, Chien-wen Tseng and Camlyn Masuda

Health Care Coverage Disparities Among Native Hawaiian, Filipino, and Chinese Populations in Hawaii and Elsewhere in the United States” by Cierralyn Cabral and Deborah Taira

Pharmacy Students’ Perspectives on the Impact of Social Media in Educational Settings” by Ronel Jordan R. Quebral, Akiho Uno and Jarred Prudencio

Comparison of Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor Agonist and Sodium-Glucose Transport Protein 2 Inhibitor Prescription Rates and Mortality in the U.S. in 2020” by Jeff Michael B. Regalario and Bryce Fukunaga

2017 National MRSA Hospital Associated Infection Rates Compared to Medicare Bactrim and Doxycycline Prescriptions” by Logan Acebo, James Santoki and Bryce Fukunaga

2020 Diabetes Deaths and Medicare Statin Prescription Rates” by Katarina Happel and Bryce Fukunaga

Impact of Pharmacist and Nurse Driven Post-Discharge Phone Call Follow-Ups and Medication-Related Hospital Readmissions at Kaiser Permanente Hawaii: A Retrospective Review of Patient Charts” by Elyssa Ball, Steven Maesato, Jennifer Pang and Lana Hodges

Assessment of Pharmacy Student Knowledge Before and After a Three-Hour Medicare Training Session” by Rosalind Wong, Anuhea Sonnenberg, Michelle Kim and Jarred Prudencio

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