Students and faculty receive awards at spring program

May 5, 2023

Some of this year’s student awardees include, left to right, Vincent Tran, Cierra Fujimoto and Anaiz Ramirez.

Students, faculty and staff gathered for the annual DKICP spring awards ceremony, held Wednesday May 3rd on campus. Scholarships and awards were presented to 48 students. Also named were the 2023 Preceptor of the Year to Dr. Lauren Sakamoto, pharmacy operations manager at The Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu; the Faculty Preceptor of the Year to Dr. Michelle Kim, assistant specialist at DKICP, and Student Choice Awards for Teaching.

This year’s award and scholarship winners include:

Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment Highest Achievement: Chase Ibia had the highest score in the DKICP Class of 2023 and scored in the 92nd percentile, nationally.

USPHS Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award: Carly Bell

Student Organization of the Year: the American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists

Kahele Student Leader of the Year: Megan Woolsey

DKICP Merit Scholarship Awards

Class of 2024: Carly Bell, Corey Duenas, Cheyenne Garretson, Molly Moran, Jeff Michael Regalario, Daniella Wallace

Class of 2025: Nohelis Agosto Vega, Vincent Tran, Cierra Fujimoto, Anaiz Ramirez, Alyssa Kam and Akiho Uno

Class of 2026: Tiffany Amber Agarpao, Ethan Butay, Sam He, Zachary Minato, Tracy Pham, Anuhea Sonnenberg, Kyrstin Vanic

CVS Health Foundation Pharmacy School Scholarships: Leila Chee and Logan Jones

Elwin & Valerie Goo Endowed Excellence Scholarships: Cheyenne Garretson and Olatunji Gbadebo

Grace Mizuko Miyawaki Pharmacy Scholarship: James Santoki

Haga Family Endowed Scholarship: Kiera Javillonar

Hawaii Independent Pharmacies, Inc. Endowed Excellence Scholarships: Taylor Eleola, Krystle Imamura and Christine Kaela Ramos

Edwin and Georgiana Kam Endowed Excellence Scholarship: Kallen Kobayashi

Molokai Drugs, Inc. Scholarships: Logan Acebo and Cierra Fujimoto

Mr. Nagakatsu Kumao Otsuka and Dr. Raymond Masashi Otsuka Memorial Scholarship: Elyssa Ball and Shawn Hernadez

Walgreens Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship: Akiho Uno

John M. and Mimi F. Pezzuto Excellence Scholarships: Chase Ibia and Megan Woolsey

Class Ambassadors were recognized for all of their contributions in representing the school to prospective students and the community. They include:

Class of 2024

Judhea Campollo, Ola Gbadebo, Erin Kim, Josephine Lui and Megan Woolsey

Class of 2025

Taylor Eleola, Ron Quebral, Vincent Tran and Rosalie Wong

Student Choice Awards for Teaching

Class of 2026

Pharmacy Science: Dr. Leng Chee Chang

Pharmacy Practice: Dr. Faith Hicks and Dr. Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit

Class of 2025

Pharmacy Science: Dr. Dianqing Sun

Pharmacy Practice: Dr. Bryce Fukunaga and Dr. Faith Hicks

Class of 2024

Pharmacy Science: Dr. Dianqing Sun

Pharmacy Practice: Dr. Chad Kawakami

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