Guest speakers share views on provider status issue

November 14, 2022

From left: Dr. E. Michael Murphy, Dean Miriam Mobley Smith, Dillon Solliday (APhA-ASP vice president of policy), Dr. Corrie Sanders, Kylie Bungcayao (APhA-ASP president), Dr. Jarred Prudencio (APhA-ASP chapter advisor).

by Kylie Bungcayao

DKICP’s American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) chapter hosted Dr. E. Michael Murphy and Dr. Corrie Sanders, who both flew to Hilo on September 28, 2022, to speak to the college about the profession of pharmacy and provider status. Dr. Murphy is the American Pharmacists Association's national advisor for state government affairs and an assistant professor of clinical pharmacy at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. Dr. Sanders is the president of the Hawaiʻi Pharmacists Association and founder of Huna Health, Pharmacogenomic Consulting.

Their eye-opening and inspirational talk described the provider status movement on the national level, common misconceptions, and how students and pharmacists can get involved during legislative sessions. They also addressed the prevalent gaps in healthcare across Hawaiʻi and how to contribute to fulfilling these needs. Physicians are currently utilizing other healthcare providers as the medication experts because they can bill for services that pharmacists are not now able to.

Both speakers emphasized that, as student pharmacists, it is never too early to get involved with legislation and fight for the future of the profession. Dr. Sanders noted, “The legislative initiatives circulating on state and national levels will determine the trajectory of pharmacy practice. Get involved early and take ownership of your career.”

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