Graduate students review research in annual seminar

May 13, 2021

Five students pursuing a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at DKICP presented updates on their on-going research in the annual spring Graduate Student Seminar Series held online May 7.

  • Dustin Tacdol presented his work titled “The effect of compounds 248 and 249 on calcium release-activated calcium channels in neuroblastoma.” Tacdol’s major professor is Dr. Ingo Koʻomoa-Lange.
  • Emilio Quarta presented his work, titled “Host-microbiota interactions and their effect on xenobiotic metabolism in the gut.” His major professor is Dr. Ghee Tan.
  • Sasha Nealand (Kovacs) discussed her work in a presentation titled “Activity of medicinal plant Grindelia stricta platyphylla.” Her major professor is Dr. Leng Chee Chang.
  • Ahammad Zaman presented his work titled “Secondary metabolites from the leather coral-derived fungal strain Xylaria sp. FM1005 and their glycoprotein 11b/111a inhibitory activity.” Dr. Shugeng Cao is his major professor.
  • Samiul Atanu talked about his work in a presentation titled “Paeciloquinone C, isolated from fermented noni, inhibits the proliferation of non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma cells by activating the intrinsic apoptosis pathway.” Atanu’s major professor is Dr. Ghee Tan.

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