Student and faculty awards presented in online program

DKICP Faculty Preceptor of the Year Dr. Camlyn Masuda & DKICP 2021 Preceptor of the Year, Dr. James Montague

DKICP Faculty Preceptor of the Year Dr. Camlyn Masuda & DKICP 2021 Preceptor of the Year, Dr. James Montague

For the second year, the DKICP spring awards ceremony was conducted online, with awards and scholarships presented to 67 students and faculty. Also announced was the 2021 Preceptor of the Year, Dr. James Montague, a 2014 DKICP alumni who has precepts Ambulatory Care APPE rotations at the Sinfonia Medication Management Center in Tucson, Ariz. The Faculty Preceptor of the Year is Dr. Camlyn Masuda, assistant specialist at DKICP.

This year’s student award and scholarship winners include:

Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment Highest Achievement: Brian Petrone had the highest score in the DKICP Class of 2022 and scored in the 97th percentile, nationally.

USPHS Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award: Paige Cajudoy

NCPA Outstanding Student Member of the Year: Mindy Kim

APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate: Karen Pae

Viatris Excellence in Pharmacy Award: Taylor Hiraga

Student Organization of the Year: Delta Lambda Chapter of Phi Lambda Sigma (pharmacy leadership society)

Kahele Student Leader of the Year: Patricia Stevens

DKICP Merit Scholarship Awards

Class of 2022: Alysha Cosier, Tran Dinh, Ashley Fukuchi, Leia Hasegawa, Brian Petrone, Donald Sachs and Melanie Sacro

Class of 2023: Jasmin Curiel, Emily Tu Le, Kalen Niimi and Sung Mi Yoon

Class of 2024: Carly Bell, Corey Duenas, Cheyenne Garretson, Molly Moran, Jeff Michael Regalario and Daniella Wallace

UH Hilo College of Pharmacy Alumni Association Scholarships: Analeslie Martinez, Matthew Neumann, Nadra Nour and Daniella Wallace

CVS Health Foundation Pharmacy School Scholarships: Tomomi Kohno and Cleighton Lagmay

Elwin & Valerie Goo Endowed Excellence Scholarship: Tran Dinh

Grace Mizuko Miyawaki Pharmacy Scholarship: Tyler Branco-Hedke

Haga Family Endowed Scholarship: Alysha Cosier

Hawaii Independent Pharmacies, Inc. Endowed Excellence Scholarships: Roanne Deabler and Rosalie White

Edwin and Georgiana Kam Endowed Excellence Scholarship: Kalen Niimi

Molokai Drugs, Inc. Scholarships: Teva Kealoha Meyer and Daijiro Oshitari

Mr. Nagakatsu Kumao Otsuka and Dr. Raymond Masashi Otsuka Memorial Scholarships: Kendrick Justin Dalmacio and Sasha Nealand (Kovacs)

Albertsons Safeway Pharmacy Scholarship: Ashley Fukuchi

Walgreens Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship: Chrystal Cardoza

Walgreens Multilingual Scholarship: Ola Gbadebo

John M. and Mimi F. Pezzuto Excellence Scholarships: Danh Nguyen and Yun Soo Park

Class Ambassadors were recognized for all of their contributions in representing the school to prospective students and the community. Those students include:

Class of 2022

Alysha Cosier, Ashley Fukuchi, Olivia Graham, Andy Lin, Danh Nguyen, Angelyn Park, Janny Phong and Kara Tsuzaki

Class of 2023

Kateleen Caye Bio, Analeslie Martinez and Daijiro Oshitari

UH Hilo Student Association senators: Roanne Deabler, UHHSA executive senator; Mercedes Dennis, DKICP senator; and Nadra Nour, senator at large

This year’s faculty award winners include the Student Choice Awards for Teaching.

Class of 2024

Pharmaceutical Sciences: Dr. Abhijit Date

Pharmacy Practice: Dr. Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit

Class of 2023

Pharmaceutical Sciences: Dr. Dianqing Sun

Pharmacy Practice: Dr. Bryce Fukunaga

Class of 2022

Pharmaceutical Sciences: Dr. Daniela Guendisch

Pharmacy Practice: Dr. Faith Hicks