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DKICP Long Sleeve T Shirt

DKICP Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Since masks have become a part of everyday apparel, several members of DKICP’s Kappa Psi fraternity decided to give them a more personalized look that supports the school. The idea for DKICP-themed gear, including a face mask and long-sleeved t-shirt, came from the group’s finance and fundraising committee co-chairs Raul Flores and Earl Emboltura. 

“Because the school requires students to wear appropriate masks on campus, we all agreed this design was a great alternative to a plain mask,” says Kappa Psi Regent Tiana Enos-Dano (Class of 2022). 

The black mask features a red DKICP logo on the lower corner, while the black t-shirt has the college logo on the front, next to the words “Proud to be”, while the back graphic includes an outline of the Hawaiian island chain and the letters DKICP spelling out the phrase “Dreams Keep Inspiring Change for Pharmacists”.

“The graphic was designed by our own Raul Flores,” notes Enos-Dano. “Proceeds from the sales will be used to fund Kappa Psi events, including a regional conference we will be hosting in 2022 that will bring ten other pharmacy schools from California, Arizona, and Nevada to the island.”

The t-shirt is available in S, M, L or XL and sells for $30. Mask price is $13 for one or $22 for two. Deadline to order is Wednesday, October 21 at midnight.

Enos-Dano says the group hopes to receive and distribute the orders before the Thanksgiving break.

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