Current Advances in Neuropharmacology

Pharm.D. Curriculum

Course Number

PHPS 563


This elective is designed to cover the current literature and latest discoveries in neuropharmacology. Course topics are from a variety of areas and can have a clinical or basic science emphasis but must cover the most recent findings in that field. The effect of a drug on the brain is a paramount concern for pharmacists. The action of drugs on the nervous is the science of neuropharmacology. It comprises several areas of investigation of critical importance to science and medicine. Neuropharmacology involves studies aimed at understanding the mechanism by which drugs alter brain function. These include medications used to treat a wide range of neurologic and psychiatric disorders as well as drugs of abuse. Neuropharmacology uses this information to develop new medications with ever-improving efficacy and safety for diseases of the nervous system. Neuropharmacologic agents are valuable tools with which to probe the molecular and cellular basis of nervous system functioning.