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Certificate in Health Science Research

This certificate is designed to give the DKICP Doctor of Pharmacy students an introduction to basic research methods as well as experience completing a  research project. Students will receive an introduction to research methodology in pharmacy; this includes clinical studies, analyzing data, program evaluation and big data designs.  Students will receive training in human subject research and scientific writing (e.g. research abstracts, biosketches,  publishable papers, survey questions, etc.). Topics for research projects will vary based  on student interest, mentors, and available data.

Writing skills to be covered include:

  • Research abstract
  • Biosketch
  • Publishable paper
  • Survey questions for research


The mission of this certificate program is to produce Pharm.D. graduates who are more competitive for post­graduate residency programs, which are increasingly required for jobs in clinical and academic settings.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss different types of experimental/research designs
  • Describe advantages and disadvantages of each design
  • Display data in different ways to facilitate understanding of main points
  • Interpret different types of graphs
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ethical and privacy issues in research by completing CITI training
  • Strengthen research-related writing skills through creation of a strong research abstract and poster presentation
  • Prepare for a potential research grant submission by completing an NIH biosketch
  • Discuss the pros and cons of survey research
  • Identify the main theoretical and procedural aspects of qualitative research
  • Define qualitative research
  • Use the language of qualitative research
  • Explore rationale for use of qualitative or naturalistic research methods in clinical, social, and behavioral settings
  • Define pharmacoepidemiology
  • Utilize existing data to examine an issue in pharmacoepidemiology
  • Examine how and why people access pharmacy services
  • Determine the best resources for finding cost information for medications
  • Measure patient outcomes resulting from pharmacy services or medication use
  • Conduct a program evaluation of pharmaceutical services or behavioral interventions


  • Must be enrolled in the Pharm.D. program at DKICP and have completed their P1 year.


To apply, please submit a letter of interest to by September 21, 2020.  Please include the general area of your research interest. If you are interested in working with a mentor from the pharmaceutical sciences, this would involve a laboratory-based project. A pharmacy practice project could be clinically-based in the outpatient or inpatient setting or it could be a population-based project using existing data sets. Feel free to look up faculty profiles to see what types of research are being conducted. Letters of interest will be reviewed and selected applicants will be notified of acceptance via email.  Accepted students are responsible for working with the program coordinator to select a research mentor. Please feel free to contact Dr. Deborah Taira at with any questions.