Laptop Requirement Specifications

Students are required to have a laptop computer during their four years of study in the PharmD program. DKICP utilizes Examplify (electronic testing software) and a laptop meeting the specifications below will be necessary for you to be able to sit for your exams. If you already own a laptop with these minimum specifications, you do not need to purchase a new one.

Please note:

  • The DKICP licensed version of Examplify will not operate on iPads.
  • Examplify will not run on Chromebook, Android, or Linux operating systems.
  • Examplify does not support Non-Pro Surface devices.
  • Examplify cannot be run within virtualized environments or environments that require persistent network connections during secure exams. This includes, not limited to, VMware, Parallels, Citrix workspace, virtual disks, streamed images, etc.

You may purchase a computer or software from the UH Hilo Bookstore. If they do not have what you need in stock, they will order it for you from the UH Mānoa Bookstore. We highly recommend that you purchase your laptop before coming to Hilo in August. Purchasing from the Bookstore may be delayed by weeks or months.

It is your responsibility to maintain your computer; DKICP does not provide hardware or software technical support for student computers. You might want to consider an extended warranty which covers you while you are a student in the program. Additionally, should you be receiving financial aid, financial aid will be allocated upon request to cover the cost of one computer during the four-year program.

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