Aloha from the UH Hilo the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy!

Welcome to UH Hilo Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy's Web site.

Many people think of living, working and learning in Hawaii as a dream. We can help make it a reality. The word is out: the College of Pharmacy is destined to establish the University of Hawaii at Hilo as a hub of academic excellence for the entire South Pacific.

A lofty goal, you may think, but please consider our dynamic history while surveying our Website,. Our stability and educational excellence is apparent in numbers. We now have our full complement of student pharmacists in a four-year program and more than 75 faculty and staff. We have scores of clinical affiliation agreements in place to provide the practical experience our students need to be successful in the workplace. Our research and scholarship is flourishing.

Not only are we the only College of Pharmacy in Hawaii, but we occupy the unique position of serving about one-fifth of the globe. At the same time we strive to achieve a top national ranking. With all due confidence, I can tell you our development is exceptional and exactly as planned.

In June of 2011, we achieved full accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). We have been accredited to offer continuing education for pharmacists and physicians. We now offer a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences as well as a residency program. Our strategic plan is complete, solid and approved by the faculty and upper administration.

As our first class of pharmacists graduated on May 14, 2011 and are now beginning their professional careers, they take pride in seeing the design of a spectacular new facility they helped build through scholarship and citizenry. The new facility is well on the way of helping future pharmacists learn in the most modern, most competitive way.

Beyond the classrooms and laboratories and clinics, our students, faculty and staff are as much a part of the community as they are with the University. Hilo feels the omnipresence of the College of Pharmacy; we embrace the spirit of the greater Hilo community. Moreover, our local reputation has allowed us all to blossom out into Honolulu, neighbor islands, the South Pacific and the mainland.

By exploring this Website, you can learn many details about the operations of our College, but I hope you gain a sense of the soul of our College. The people affiliated with this College share a vision: we know what we are doing, we know where we are going, and we know we are the best. We are here to serve. We want to be your first choice.


John M. Pezzuto, Ph.D.
Dean, UH Hilo the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy