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Deborah Taira, Sc.D.
Deborah Taira Juarez


Dr. Deborah Taira has a B.A. in economics from Amherst College, a Masters in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, and a doctorate in health economics from the Harvard School of Public Health. She also has ten years of experience at the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) as research manager analyzing administrative data. Her research focuses on understanding and reducing health disparities, particularly involving Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.


  • Amherst College, Amherst, MA BA 1987 Economics
  • Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University MPA 1991 Domestic Policy
  • Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA ScD 1995 Health Economics

Classes and Courses

  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Introduction to Biostatistics
  • Health Care Systems
  • Marketing & Management

Selected Presentations and/or Publications

    (out of 63 published manuscripts)
  • Taira DA, Safran DG, Seto TB, Rogers WH, Kosinski M, Ware JE, Lieberman N, Tarlov AR. Asian-American patient ratings of physician primary care performance. J Gen Intern Med. 1997;12:237-42.
  • Taira DA, Safran DG, Seto TB, Rogers WH, Tarlov AR. The relationship between patient income and physician discussion of health risk behaviors. JAMA. 1997;278:1412-7.
  • Taira DA, Seto TB, Ho KKL, Cutlip DE, Berezin R, Kuntz RE, Cohen DJ. The impact of smoking on health-related quality of life following percutaneous coronary revascularization. Circulation 2000;102:1369-74.
  • Taira DA, Seto TB, Siegrist R, Cosgrove R, Berezin R, Cohen D. Comparison of analytic approaches for the economic evaluation of new technologies alongside multicenter clinical trials. Am Heart J 2003 Mar;145(3):452-8.
  • Taira DA, Wong K, Frech-Tamas F, Chung RS. Copayment Level and Compliance with Antihypertensive Medication: Analysis and Policy Implications for Managed Care. Am J Manag Care. 2006 12(11):678-83.
  • Taira DA, Gelber RP, Davis J, Gronley K, Chung RS, Seto TB. Anti-hypertensive Adherence and Drug Class among Asian Pacific Americans. Ethnicity and Health., 2007;12(3):265-281.
  • Juarez DT, Samoa RA, Chung RS, Seto TB. Disparities in Health, Obesity and Access to Care Among an Insured Population of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Hawaii. Hawaii Med J. 2010 Feb;69(2):42-6.
  • Juarez DT; Davis JW; Brady SK; Chung RS. Prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease and Its Risk Factors Related to Age in Asian, Pacific Islanders, and Caucasians in Hawai‘i. Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved. 2012; 23(3):1000-10.
  • Juarez DT, Sentell T, Tokumaru S, Goo R, Davis J, Mau M. Factors associated with poor glycemic control or wide glycemic variability among diabetes patients in Hawaii, 2006-2009. Prev Chronic Dis. 2012;9:120065. PMID: 23017247; PMC: 3475506.
  • Juarez DT, Goo R, Tokumaru S, Sentell T, Davis JW, Mau MM. Association Between Sustained Glycated Hemoglobin Control and Healthcare Costs. Am J Pharm Benefits. 2013;5(2):59-64.
  • Juarez DT, Juarez DT, Tan C, Davis J, Mau M. Factors affecting sustained medication adherence and its impact on healthcare utilization in patients with diabetes. J Pharm HSR. 2013;4(2):89-94.
  • Juarez DT, Tan C, Davis J, Mau M. Using Quantile Regression to Assess Disparities in Medication Adherence. Am J Health Behav. (in press).
  • Hu D, Juarez DT, Yeboah M, Castillo TP. Interventions to Increase Medication Adherence in African American and Latino Populations: A Literature Review. HMJ (in press)

Active Grants

  • Project Development Coordinator (25% time). NIH/NIMHD RCMI Translational Research Network. The goal of RTRN is to reduce health disparities among diverse minority populations through a clinical and translational research network among minority institutions.
  • Co-investigator (10% time). HHS/AHRQ. Enhancing Hawaii Hospital Information Content. Goals of this project are to build infrastructure to enhance clinical content of a statewide, all-payer hospital-based encounter-level database to support comparative effectiveness research, and demonstrate the usefulness of the database by examining outcomes of patients treated by hospitalists.
  • Director, Research Training and Education Core (25% time). NIH/NIMHD. P20 Center grant. Partnerships for Cardiometabolic Disparities in Native and Pacific Peoples.

Awards and Honors

  • Fulbright scholar to Thailand, 2012