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Anita E. Ciarleglio, Ph.D.
Anita E. Ciarleglio

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ciarleglio received her B.S. in pharmacy from St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and her Ph.D. in Pharmacology at St. Louis University School of Medicine. She is licensed as a registered pharmacist in Hawaii. She subsequently performed postdoctoral work at St. Louis and at the University of Miami School of Medicine. She has held many professional and instructional positions, notably conducting in-depth continuing education programs for pharmacists through Pacific Seminars Inc. and serving as an ambulatory care clinical pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Ciarleglio has instructed hundreds of students each semester through statewide distance-learning programs, as well as being highly active in several community education programs the pharmacy technology programs for the education of pharmacy technicians. She has been instrumental in coordinating the first year of the UHH-DKICP curriculum; we are fortunate that she will play an important role in the education of our entering class.