Office of Research Affairs

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Duties of the Associate Dean for Research

Lead the Quest for Scholarship and Interdisciplinary Sciences at DKICP

  • Oversee research experiential education/training of students and faculty via working relationships with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Department of Pharmacy Practice, and other scientists nationally and globally.

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Develop and Sustain the DKICP’s Relationships in its Scientific Mission and Vision throughout the UH System, UHH, and globally among Academic Institutions and/or Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Develop, sustain and advance a research mission in the College of Pharmacy, commensurate with becoming a Top-25 College of Pharmacy, among its faculty and students, and through collaborative partnerships worldwide.
  • Develop and promote the integration of research programs and research initiatives in the Pharm.D. program in collaboration with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Lead the quest to establish Centers of Excellence via facilitating research creativity and innovations throughout DKICP, UH System and UHH collaboratively with global academic and/or pharmaceutical industries.
  • Conduct a program of research to maintain scientific expertise in accountability to pharmacy scholarship.
  • Support research development among faculty and students.
  • Lead and oversee the research mission by directing the establishment of funded research programs among the faculty and students.
  • Establish research programs in DKICP in accord to the Dean’s and faculty’s priorities.
  • Lead, facilitate and support grant-writing activities for research investigations within the DKICP and throughout its collaborative partnerships in academics and industry.
  • Lead grant-writing activities for extramural funding for research training, inclusive, but not limited to, fellowships, pre- and postdoctoral fellows and mentorship programs for students and faculty.
  • Build research infrastructure within the DKICP, UHH and collaboratively among the DKICP’s affiliated institutions, which includes but is not limited to creating an Office of Research Affairs and/or grants management structure to facilitate and advance research productivity.
  • Assess research strengths and weaknesses, identify potential synergies within the DKICP and between DKICP and other entities, and make recommendations to the Dean for addressing the needs of the research enterprise.
  • Build relationships with pharmaceutical industries throughout the world.
  • Build relationships with local, national and international foundations and facilitate communication and interaction with federal funding agencies.
  • Create and sustain an environment that promotes and maintains research scholarship and research integrity among faculty and students, which include but are not limited to, delineating policies and procedures for research vigor, competence in issues related to protection of human subjects, and ethical research productivity.
  • Advise and assist faculty on research proposals, INDs, patenting, research contracts and intellectual property issues.
  • Serve as a resource for DKICP faculty seeking to develop strategic research initiatives and respond to emerging opportunities.
  • Assist faculty members in identifying and securing the resources necessary for successful extramural funding including, but not limited to research design, grant writing, grants management, data analysis and manuscript editing.
  • Develop mechanisms for identifying research funding sources and systems to support grant applications.
  • Organize and facilitate mock reviews on grant proposals and manuscripts as requested by faculty members.
  • Serves as a mentor for junior faculty members and graduate students needing/desiring assistance to develop their own independent research programs, and assists in the faculty development process.
  • Leadership role (including membership) within the UH system’s research structures, inclusive of the Office of the Vice President of Research, research units within UH schools (specifically JABSOM), UHH Vice Chancellor for Research, professional-disciplinary Research Councils such as NSF, NIH, National Academy of Sciences, and Institute of Medicine.
  • Provide leadership and support for initiatives that foster dissemination of research knowledge and skills, including but not limited to creation of new scientific perspectives.

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Administrative Affairs

  • Provide leadership in implementing the mission, vision and strategic plan in the College of Pharmacy.
  • Member of the Dean’s Executive Committee.
  • Administer and manage research affairs in the College of Pharmacy, inclusive of establishing and maintaining monitoring /tracking data management system for the research enterprise.
  • Communicate with academic leaders by representing the College of Pharmacy at UH System Research Forums, the UHH Vice Chancellor Academic Advisory Committee, UHH Research Council and other ACPE/AACP research national forums.
  • Produce budgetary plans and fiscal documents in accountability to research fiscal integrity in the College of Pharmacy, which may include establishing fiscal officers as research grants succeed over time.
  • Secure final and institutional support for the research mission via grant-writing for clinical pharmacy training grants, collaborate with the Dean in fundraising for academic distinguished professorships and honorary chairs, and participate in the State of Hawaii legislative hearings to obtain general (g) funds for the DKICP.
  • Collect data to provide evidence that the DKICP’s administration, operations and management reflect the diversity of the College’s unique cultures among students, faculty, staff, stakeholders and the community.
  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of the DKICP IT group in support of the College’s research, teaching and service missions.
  • Maintain and advance a culture of diversity, equal opportunity and justice throughout the College of Pharmacy.

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