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Amy Knehans, MLIS, AHIP

Pharmacy / Health Sciences Librarian

Ms. Knehans received her BS in Psychology from Sonoma State University and her MLIS from the University of North Texas. Ms. Knehans has been a faculty member of UHH since Fall 2005. As a librarian for the DKICP she helps to ensure that access to library and educational resources are adequate to support the professional degree program and to provide for research and scholarly activities in accord with the DKICP mission. Ms. Knehans participates in the instruction of pharmacy students to help incorporate and utilize library resources in the teaching and learning processes.

Her research interests include evidence-based approaches to reducing/eliminating health disparities and moving humanity toward equal health care for all. She believes that she can help people improve their understanding of their own health problems through access to-easy-to understand health-related materials and through health literacy community projects.