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Office of the Dean

Carolyn Ma - 933-2909 Dean and Associate Professor Carolyn Ma
Kris Aoki - 933-2984 Administrative / Fiscal Support Specialist Kris Aoki
Nadine Hara - 933-2938 Budget Officer Nadine Hara
Christine Iha - 933-2909 Secretary to the Dean Christine E. Iha
Maggie Morris - 333-2889 Public Information Specialist Maggie Morris
Kristi Nakamura - 961-9475 Personnel Officer, Personnel Coordinator Kristi Nakamura
Sean O'Neill - 933-2914 Continuing Education Coordinator Sean O'Neil
Karen L. Pellegrin - 933-2914 Director of Continuing / Distance Education and Strategic Planning Karen L. Pellegrin

Office of Academic Affairs

Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit - 932-7697 Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit
Char Awa Cockett - 932-7697 Secretary to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Char Cockett
Paula Zeszotarski - 932-7141 Assessment Coordinator Paula Zeszotarski
Student Services
Daryl D. Masanda - 932-7134 Director of Student Services Daryl D. Masanda
Kristy Fujii - 932-7140 Admissions Counselor Kristy Fujii
Tracey Niimi - 932-7139 Student Support Specialist Tracey Niimi
Lyssa Sakamoto Pre-Pharmacy AdvisorLyssa Sakamoto
Cara Suefuji - 932-7700 Academic Support/Graduate Admissions SpecialistCara Suefuji
Information Technology
Reid Kubo - 932-7135 Information Technology Supervisor Reid Kubo
Wesley Tanoue Information Technology Specialist
Jeryd Teramoto - 932-7699 Information Technology Specialist
Keoni Wood Information Technology Specialist

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Linda Connelly - 932-7146Department Chair and Associate Professor Linda Connelly
Shugeng Cao - 933-2946/Lab 981-8017 Associate Professor Shugeng Cao
Leng Chee Chang - 933-2951 Associate Professor Leng Chee Chang
Abhijit Date - 933-2986 Assistant Professor
Daniela Guendisch - 933-2943 Associate Professor Daniela Guendisch
Sue Jarvi - 932-7701 Professor Susan Jarvi
Aaron Jacobs - 932-7144 Associate Professor Aaron Jacobs
Tamara Kondratyuk - 854-2600 Laboratory Manager and Associate Specialist Tamara P. Kondratyuk
Dana-Lynn Koomoa-Lange - 932-7147 Associate Professor Dana-Lynn Koomoa-Lange
Ingo Koomoa-Lange - 932-7362 Instructor Ingo Koonoa-Lange
Dianqing Sun - 933-2960 Associate Professor Dianqing Sun
Ghee T. Tan - 932-7145 Director of Ph.D. Program and Associate Professor Ghee T. Tan
Teresa Tsuda - 933-2807 Secretary Teresa Tsuda

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ghee T. Tan - 932-7145Director of Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical SciencesProgram and Associate Professor Ghee T. Tan
Cara Suefuji - 932-7700 Academic Support/Graduate Admissions SpecialistCara Suefuji

Pharmacy Practice

Roy Goo Department Chair and Associate Professor Roy Goo
Julie Adrian - 932-7710 Associate Professor / Veterinary Pharmacy Julie Ann Luiz Adrian
Jennifer Aguiar - 932-7706 Clinical Education Support Specialist Jennifer Aguiar
Cherie Chu - 528-4003 Assistant Professor Cherie Chu
Anita E. Ciarleglio Assistant Specialist Anita E. Ciarleglio
Bryce Fukunaga Assistant Professor
Lara Gomez - 932-7708 Director of Clinical Education, Associate Specialist Lara Gomez
Alexandra Hanlon - 933-0949 Biostatistician Alexandra Hanlon
Patricia Jusczak - 932-7704 Associate Specialist Patricia Jusczak
George Karvas - 932-7702 Instructor George Karvas
Chad Kawakami - 528-4004 Assistant ProfessorChad Kawakami
Michelle Kim - 932-7711 Junior Specialist Michelle Kim
Caroline Lorenzo - 933-2962 Office Assistant Caroline Lorenze
Louis Lteif - 933-2905 Assistant Professor Louis Lteif
Camlyn Masuda - 528-4002 Assistant Professor Camlyn Masuda
Christina Method - 932-7709 Clinical Education Support SpecialistChristina Method
Donna Ohora - 932-7136 Pharmacy & Health Sciences Information Resource Coordinator Donna Ohora
Jarred Prudencio - 932-7703 Assistant ProfessorJarred Prudencio
Lily Pua-Kaipo - 933-2927 Secretary Lily Pua-Kaipo
Allen Shih - 933-2948 Assistant Professor Allen Shih
Wesley Sumida - 528-4005 Associate Specialist Wesley Sumida
Deborah Taira Professor Deborah Taira
Sheri Tokumaru - 587-2696 Associate Professor Sheri Tokumaru
Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit - 933-2947 Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit
Aryn You Assistant Professor
Nicole Young Assistant Professor

Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology

Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit - 933-2947 Director of the MS Clinical Psychopharmacology Program and Professor Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit


Justin Reinicke - 981-8012 Junior Specialist (Instrument Specialist) Justin Reinicke
Tammy Tanaka - 981-8000 Secretary Tammy Tanaka
Xiaohua Wu - 981-8010 Biological Research Specialist

Research Staff

Andrew Burgoyne - 981-4517 Post-Doctoral Reasearcher
You-sheng Cai - 981-8017 Post-Doctoral Researcher
Stephanie Tsang Mui Chung - 932-7351 Post-Doctoral Researcher
Italo Espinoza-Fuenzalida - 932-7920 Post-Doctoral Researcher
Lisa Kaluna - 932-7148 Research Assistant & Lab Manager
Allan Prior - 981-4516 Post-Doctoral Researcher
Chun Shun Li - 981-8017 Post-Doctoral Researcher
Christina Wales - 932-7351 Lab Technician
Mengke Zhang - 981-8018 Post-Doctoral Researcher

Pre-Pharmacy with the UH Hilo Health Professions Student Center (HPSC)

Randy Hirokawa - 932-7916 Pre-Health Advisor Email: uhhhpac@hawaii.edu Email