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Program Description

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo (UH Hilo) the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy (DKICP) Guaranteed Admission Program is an intensive three-year scholarly program. Students who complete the Guaranteed Admission curriculum (minimum of 85 credits) over three years while maintaining the desired GPA, submit an Early Decision PharmCAS application, submit a supplemental application, and successfully interview with the DKICP will be guaranteed admission to the Pharm.D. Program.


(UHH) Course ID Course Credits
BIOL 171 / 171L
Biology I with Lab
BIOL 172 / 172L
Biology II with Lab
BIOL 275 / 275L or BIOL 375 / 375L
Microbiology with Lab
CHEM 161 / 161L
General Chemistry I with Lab
CHEM 162 / 162L
General Chemistry II with Lab
CHEM 241 / 241L
Organic Chemistry I with Lab
CHEM 242 / 242L
Organic Chemistry II with Lab
BIOL 243 / 243L
Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab
BIOL 244 / 244L
Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab
MATH 205
IS 201
Pre-Pharmacy Orientation
ENG 100 and Above
ECON 100, ECON 130 or ECON 131
COM 251
See Prerequisite Coursework FAQs
See Prerequisite Coursework FAQs
World Cultures
See Prerequisite Coursework FAQs
Social Sciences
Four science courses with labs toward BS/BA degree
Total Credit Hours  
Sample Academic Plan


All students applying to the DKICP Guaranteed Admission Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Students must be accepted into the UH Hilo and apply to the UH Hilo DKICP Guaranteed Admission Program. The deadline for applications for the UH Hilo DKICP Guaranteed Admission Program is Tuesday, May 1, 2018.
  • Must have expressed interest and commitment to the study of Pharmacy.
  • Desirable experiences include: demonstration of achievement in leadership, research, volunteer and/or community service activities with a priority to those related to health.
  • Students must have no more than 30 college credits.
  • For high school students: have a minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher, and a minimum combined SAT score of 1800 old SAT or 1280 new SAT or minimum ACT composite score of 27.
  • For college students: have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.


Admission into the UH Hilo DKICP Guaranteed Admission Program is very competitive. Applicants must complete the University of Hawaii at Hilo Undergraduate Application. Additionally, applicants must submit the following items directly to the UH Hilo HPSC:

  • The UH Hilo DKICP Guaranteed Admission Program Checklist Form
  • The DKICP Guaranteed Admission Program application
  • Personal statement
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • For high school students: Official high school (grades 9-11) transcripts, copy of current courses in progress (grade 12), and (if applicable) official college transcripts, and a copy of official SAT scores and/or ACT scores.
  • For current college students: copy of official college transcripts. If applicant is attending or has attended a UH system institution, he/she may submit copy of transcript from STAR report.

Guaranteed Admission Program Application Form

Please submit all application materials by:
Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

Email to with the subject line
“UH Hilo DKICP Guaranteed Admission Program”
or mail to:

The University of Hawaii at Hilo
DKICP Guaranteed Admission Program
200 W. Kāwili Street
Hilo, HI 96720

Maintaining Eligibility

While in the program, students must:

  • Maintain full-time student status at UH Hilo (minimum of 12 credits/semester) for the duration of the Program;
  • Meet at least once each semester with Pre-Health Advisor for mandatory academic advising;
  • Earn a grade of C or better in all classes;
  • Maintain a 3.25 GPA for each academic year of the program;
  • Apply for Early Decision via PharmCAS (early September of application year) and successfully interview with the UH Hilo DKICP PharmD Program;
  • Students must spend a minimum of 2 years enrolled in the UH Hilo DKICP Guaranteed Admissions Program;
  • If a student’s GPA for the academic year drops below 3.25 they will be dismissed from the Program. The student may appeal that decision to the UH Hilo DKICP Dean.